Ways to Wear It: Shorts

I’m still on a quest for the perfect pair of shorts.  Recently, I purchased a pair of shorts from Forever 21.  They’re not too short, made of rayon, and were $20.  Not too bad of a price to get me through the summer.  The only thing is… they are VERY colorful!  I like colorful, but it also made me a little nervous.  So, I decided to try some different outfits to make sure they were “keepers”.

I’ve always thought the shorts suit was a novel idea, just never really understood where you would wear it.  I definitely could NOT wear that to work.  But I played around with the idea to make the shorts more dressy (like for a non business meeting?).

shorts, necklace, and jacket: F21
tank: H&M
shoes: Carlos Santana from Marshalls

Then I decided I needed a casual outfit too… (I actually did wear this out!)

shorts: F21
shirt: American Apparel
necklaces: from Mom, Atlantis Dry Goods
wedges: Cynthia Vincent for Target

And a little bohemian (for those of you who decide that an item must work for 3 outfits in order to keep it)…

shorts: F21
shirt: Norma Kamali for Walmart
necklace: Lanvin
belt and shoes: Marshalls

2 thoughts on “Ways to Wear It: Shorts

  1. Esp love the:
    1) Gold necklace
    2) Jacket
    These two go so well with the pink top.
    3) Wedges from Target

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