Painting with a Twist

Have any of you gone to this new place, Painting with a Twist, or something similar?  My girlfriends and I went here a couple of weeks ago.  You get to wine and dine while you create a masterpiece!  It usually lasts 2 or 3 hours with an instructor that guides you (just in case you don’t have any painting experience)!  Here is my painting!!

Since we were going to be painting and there was a high likelihood of me messing up my clothes (I AM VERY CLUMSY!), I decided to wear my “stained” dress.  [Explanation:  This green dress was one of my regular summer dresses but I dropped some unknown substance on it and wasn’t able to get the stain out.  Since I loved it so much, I decided it would be my “wear only at home” dress.]  To camouflage the stain, I pinned it up!

Showing off my stained garb!

It’s definitely noticeable in person.

Voila!!  Pinned to hide the stain!
dress: Gap outlet
shoes: from El Salvador

These painting/wine places are popping up everywhere!  Now, I know of 3 in the area:

10 thoughts on “Painting with a Twist

  1. waaaaaaaa!!!
    that’s an awesome painting Sam!!!
    u’re a genius and holllaaaa thats a clever way to repair a stained dress.. nobody will notice, indeed!

  2. what an ingenius way to hide ‘accidents’. proven to be smart in the pharmacy as well as the wardrobe!! i think it looks better pinned up too!

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