Long Live McQueen

I am elated because I found an Alexander McQueen dress from the Pre-Fall 2010 collection on “super sale”!  Therefore, it was technically one of his designs.  It’s just the right mix of classic with a twist and so well made.  Some pics of me playing around with a possible future outfit…

dress: Alexander McQueen
shoes: Chanel bowtie peep toes
bracelet: F21

close up of the cable knit print on the dress

The sleeves have zippers and the dress is made of wool!
I was playing with polyvore too see what it might look like with turquoise accessories too!

11 thoughts on “Long Live McQueen

  1. Great purchase! Isn’t it a cool feeling to own one of McQueen’s actual designs? R.I.P Lee. He’s such a talented designer … one of a kind!

  2. Thanks cuz! Tricia, we need to catch up soon! I have something to mail to y’all!

    Deuxarmoires! It is a cool feeling and so exciting to have one of his designs! Definitely such a talent – RIP.

  3. Stunning! I love your hair up with this dress.


  4. Hi Sam, I stumbled upon your blog through Ling Tung page. Just a note to say that this is one of the best outfits I have come upon. Everything is no less than perfection, from head to toe. The dress is simply gorgeous…and I like how your black accessories are kept to the bare minimum. Simply perfect!

  5. Thanks Squeeze The Pug!  (I love your name!)  I wanted to let the dress be the center of attention, so I tried to minimize everything else (that’s very hard for me – I tend to over do it)!  And thanks for stopping by!  xo

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