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Love these Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses!  (Although, they are very similar to this pair seen here.)  Does anyone else do that?  I tend to get similar items over and over.  The other day, I bought a “new” lipstick color only to find out it was basically the same shade I already use!

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5 thoughts on “Current Craving

  1. I’ve always adored those Prada sunglasses from the ads. However, I’ve never actually seen them IRL. Mmm … must venture out to Prada and see if they’re still available and if they suit me.

  2. Deuxarmoires – I know they are available through the e-store of Prada. I’ve never ordered online so I am not familiar with the exchange/ return policy. If you get them, please model on your blog for sure!!

  3. Thanks for the tip! Though I don’t dare buying sunglasses though online without ever having tried them. Anyway, I ventured out into Prada today and they were all sold out. But they told recommended the sunglasses boutique next door that still had them. Yay! They’re so cool! I’ll update my blog with my purchase.

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