Business Attire

I wore this the other night to meet some new business associates of Mr. S.  (It was a casual meet-and-greet.)  Luckily, I changed my shoes before leaving the house because it hailed that night!

tunic: CABI
cropped pants: Limited
shoes and purse: Chanel

One my friends showed me how to tie this scarf as a belt so that it looks braided!  (I tried to find a youtube video to share, but no success.)

Close up of my platform heels!  Excuse the veiny feet!

2 thoughts on “Business Attire

  1. Thanks Finding Waveland! There are pearls on the shoe (so I only wear them for special occasions or if I won’t be running around)! Normally, I wouldn’t buy shoes so delicate, but they were on a really good sale and I LOVE them!

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