Try a Trend: Neutrals

I’m feeling pretty neutral about this neutral ensemble.  Although I love the colors (camel, khaki, and grey), I would not wear this to the office because of the mesh sweater and studded heels!  The pencil skirt makes it too dressy to run errands.  If I only had an important “fashion meeting” to attend…

sweater and tank: H&M
skirt: Banana Republic
belt: JCrew
shoes: Valentino kitten heels

Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Try a Trend: Neutrals

  1. Hey Sam! This was from a while back, but I saw that gorgeous Hermes scarf you wore as a top. Do you know if it’s the 140 or the 90?


    Great blog :)

    xoxo Cat.

  2. Sam! It’s Divya B! I’ve been reading your blog ever since you told me about it, but could never post. This blog is amazing and your style is beyond fabulous! I find myself being totally inspired by your creativity and fashion sense. Can’t wait to see more looks :)

  3. Thanks lilyonthewater!!

    Divya!! Thank you – I’m so glad you found the blog! I’ve been trying to get your email through the hubbies! I’m sorry about the comments thing. I adjusted the settings recently because someone else told me the same thing.

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