Try a Trend: Mixing Prints

One trend that has always intimidated me is mixing prints.  I DON’T know how to approach it OR get away with it!  Timidly, I tried pairing this floral scarf and striped shirt (and I even left the house)!  Baby steps, baby steps!

scarf, skirt, and shoes: Anthropologie
shirt: Gap
bracelet: from a fabulous friend :o)

close up of the scarf – it has so many colors in it that I felt “safe” mixing it with the lavender/white shirt and yellow skirt

The shoes are really versatile because they are wedges and a great neutral color!

6 thoughts on “Try a Trend: Mixing Prints

  1. Cute! I think you did a great job! I’m also afraid of mixing prints and color blocking I feel like I won’t be able to pull it off and will look like a clown instead lol


  2. Thanks Belle! That’s why I started small (with the scarf and shirt)! Based on the outfits on your blog, I’m sure you could pull off either one!!

  3. sam – this is a fun, cute outfit but you are one of those people that make the clothes look good and not the other way around!

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