Go Big or Go Home

That saying is used a lot in Texas.  So I decided to “go big” and get this bright yellow blazer.  After all, the trends are bold colors.  I even went bolder (is that a word?) by trying to add some strong necklaces.  In the end, I decided that yellow is big and bold enough for me!

(jacket – Escada, tee – Costco, jeans- Rock and Republic Recession, belt- JCrew, shoe – Coach from Marshalls)
The Escada jacket was a find at a resale shop for $18.  How could I not try it!
(Bold necklace #1 – Forever 21 … Are tassel hanging things not awesome?!)

(Bold necklace #2 – Lanvin)


5 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home

  1. Love the bold jacket, the cut looks great on you. Even better with the statement necklaces.


  2. i love how you pair a costco t-shirt w/rock and republic jeans! you have no boundaries and that’s awesome :)

  3. Kenya – Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the statement necklaces so I’ll have to be a little brave next time!

    Sonja – I never thought of it that way! Thanks!

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