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Chiconomics = looking like a fashionista while staying on a budget. With my new status as a PRN pharmacist and the economy in its current situation, I decided I would practice chiconomics by joining the Great American Apparel Diet (GAAD for short). It is an “experiment” in which a person doesn’t buy new clothing for a year (undergarments, PJs, and work out clothes, and uniforms excluded). See It officially started for me on August 1st, 2010.

“Why”, do you ask, would anyone ever do this? After finding multiple “deals of the century” that I just couldn’t pass up, I realized that I was on a one way track to shoppers anonymous. Retail therapy was my drug of choice and for me, it could only lead to big credit cards bills and lots of fighting with the dear hubby (DH). As wonderful as I might look, it wasn’t worth it to me to get into that situation with the DH. If you look into my closet then you would understand. Take a lookie here… (that’s only part of it)

So I decided to challenge myself by “shopping my closet”… for the next 365 days. (Disclaimer: If I get preggers, I will allow “cheating” on the diet. However, I am going to limit myself to a certain number of basic items.

This was one of my first outfits on the diet. I was going to a Junior League Provisional Year orientation. (I’ll save the Junior League thing for another post.) I decided to go white-on-white for a summer event. It still didn’t save me from becoming a sweat hog to and from the event, but oh well!

Close up of the scarf!


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  1. wow. i love your creativity and of course your fashion. learn so much about u from a blog :) creative chick..def style of sam :) lt

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